A Change of Heart

A copy of a physical book can be found here on Amazon – Amazon.com: A Change of Heart: 9798872734871: Grimm, Tony: Books

Thirty Pieces of Silver

8/17/2022 – The Free PDF can be downloaded here – 30 Pieces of Silver

Mr. Kerry Cain is a corrupt, but perceived well-known businessman, who finds out a bank in the neighboring town of Ashland is going to be transferring all its physical wealth to a much more secure location. Always needing money for payoffs, bribes and other nefarious activities, this revelation for Kerry is too good for him to pass up.

Unfortunately for Kerry, he has one problem he must address before he can carry out his pursuit. His father’s mysterious ex-hitman, Mr. Silver, has changed sides. Now Mr. Silver watches over Ashland as part of a loose vigilante group known as the Bloodhounds. This complication forces Kerry to have to find and eliminate the elusive hitman before the bank heist, which proves very problematic for him. To assist him, Kerry enlists the help of several others to help him resolve the situation before time runs out. These transpiring events create a unique game of cat and mouse between Mr. Silver and Kerry that plays out throughout the duration of the story.

A physical copy of the book can also be found for sale on Amazon if you click here — Thirty Pieces of Silver: Grimm, Tony: 9798843306328: Amazon.com: Books

Stand or Sand

Released in 2021, this story is a cautionary tale about viruses, corruption, and zombies… although the zombie part is not the main theme. It follows a female journalist (Greta LaRuse) as she looks into a case which turns into more than she thought. Because this story is a cautionary tale, I wanted to make the book FREE to everyone. So, here – Stand or Sand by TG-21 is a FREE PDF eBook copy for anyone’s reading pleasure. (Note- As stated below, I am updating this book after finding a few grammatical blemishes I would like to fix. If you give me time, I will have a better version / update version soon). However, if you want a paperback copy or a more device-friendly / language-specific version, I will have to refer you to this Amazon link – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0976SM1PV

Once I finish these updates, I plan on starting a new book. Right now, it will more than likely be a medieval type story about Kings and Dragons. However, that is if my son does not push me into another story I have in mind. This tale will be a somewhat futuristic story that takes place / talks about different planets. Either way, both of these stories are next on deck. If you would like to tip the balance towards one or the other, please feel free to let me know.